Topic Selection: Choosing Relevant Topics

Objective: Refine the dashboard to display only the most relevant topics within the Banking industry conversation.

Step 1: Access Topic Selection

  • Log in to your TSV Analytics account and access the TSV Home Page
  • Navigate to your dashboard of interest, for this example we'll use the Public Banking industry conversation dashboard.
  • Click on 'Topic Selection' from the left sidebar, which should be the default page that opens when you access the dashboard.
Navigate to Topic Selection using the platform sidebar

Step 2: Review Default Topic List

  • The Topic Selection screen will display a list of automatically generated topics related to your theme.
  • These topics are derived from micro-conversations captured by the TSV platform.
Topics from the TSV Public Banking dashboard


  • Use the Summary of Selected Topics to get an overview of the topics you have selected as relevant.
  • Watch the numbers change as you turn topics off and no.
Posts, Total Engagement, and Sentiment combined from relevant topics

Step 3: Evaluate Topics

  • Go through the topics one by one.
  • Use the information provided to assess the relevance of each topic to the Banking conversation or whichever dashboard you're using.

Step 4: Make Selections

  • Click 'No' to deactivate topics unrelated to your priority areas. For example: Topics pertaining to cryptocurrency, if not of interest.
  • Geographically specific topics that are not relevant, like the "West Bank" topic.
  • Unrelated industries, such as "Indian Competitive Exams".
  • Leave 'Yes' selected for topics that are relevant to your Banking dashboard.
Select Yes if topics are relevant and No if you don't care about them

Step 5: Deep-Dive for Clarity

  • If you're uncertain about a topic's relevance, click on 'More Info' for an in-depth analysis of the topic's content, engagement, and sentiment.
  • Use this detailed view to make informed decisions about each topic's relevance.
Advanced look at the Entrepreneurial Success topic -- identifying top hashtags and influencers for this topic


  • So far you've gone through the top 10 topics, however, there can be up to 50 topics in the dashboard.
  • Don't worry, if you need to analyze quick, the topics are sorted by the largest topics first to the smallest at the end.
  • Click the "Show all Topics?" toggle to dive deeper into the dashboard topics.
Depending on how large the conversation is, you can have up to 50 topics in your dashboard

Step 6: Confirm Your Selection

  • After reviewing and adjusting the topics, click the blue 'Save Changes' button to update your dashboard.
Click on "Save Changes" to update your TSV Insights to only relevant topics

Step 7: Proceed to Insights

  • With your topics refined, navigate to the TSV Insights to view conversation insights that are now tailored to your specific interests within the Banking industry.
  • You can now proceed to the next workflow, which will be your custom TSV Insights.

Once you have selected your topics, your TSV Insights will be much more relevant and actionable. The next step is to understand these insights deeply; please proceed to the Insights Workflow to continue optimizing your TSV Analytics experience.