Insights: Apply Data Trends

Objective: Utilize Insights to filter and apply data trends for a comprehensive understanding of your dashboard's conversation.

Step 1: Choose Platforms

  • Access the 'Insights' section of your dashboard.
  • By default, 'All Platforms' will be selected, combining data across various social media platforms.
  • If you prefer to filter insights by specific platforms, you can adjust the settings to view data from individual platforms only.
Different platforms available to filter within Insights

Step 2: Understand Data with Tooltips

  • Hover over the tooltip icons (i) within each data section to get background information and understand the context of the data insights.
  • Click the 'Deep-dive' button (eyeball) where available to explore more advanced data and analytics behind each insight.
Hover over the tooltip or click the eyeball button to deep-dive into these insights

Step 3: Explore 'Trending Now'

  • Review 'Trending Now' to discover current trending topics, hashtags, and influencers relevant to your dashboard.
  • Use these insights to stay updated on the latest trends within your industry.
  • Click on an influencer to go directly to their social media profile.
  • Hint: If you've filtered to a specific platform, you can click on a hashtag to search that hashtag on the filtered platform.
Trending Topics, Hashtags, and Influencers in the Banking conversation

Step 4:  Optimize 'Post Scheduling'

  • Navigate to the 'Post Scheduling' insights to find the optimal times for social media engagement.
  • This section provides guidance on the best day, day of the week, and time by day of week to post.
  • Upcoming Virality indicates the best day in the coming weeks to post content around this conversation to capitalize on maximum interest.
  • Best Day of Week indicates which platforms are talking about this conversation on each day of the week.
  • Best Time of Day indicates when the most people are posting and engaging with content around this conversation.
The best days + times to post for banking engagement

Step 5: Analyze 'Audio & Video'

  • These 'Audio & Video' insights let you know the top TikTok sounds, optimal video lengths, and trending sounds in the conversation.
  • Top Sounds let you know the most common TikTok sounds while Trending Sounds let you know which are gaining traction recently.
  • Video Length identifies the average length of TikToks in the conversation.
TikTok trends for understand what your audience is used to listening to

Step 6: Refine 'Post Captions'

  • Visit the 'Post Captions' section to identify key terms and hashtags to include or exclude in your posts.
  • Pay attention to the volume of posts and sentiment breakdown for each term or hashtag.
  • This information is crucial for crafting captions that resonate with your audience and align with the conversation you're tracking.
Keyterms and Hashtags to Include and Exclude based on sentiment for each
Hover over the sentiment breakdown of any keyterm/hashtag to see the specific post value of each sentiment category

Step 7: Proceed to Generator

  • With these insights, you're equipped to make data-driven decisions for your content strategy. Ready to transform insights into action?
  • Head to the "Generator: Create Content Workflow" to start creating content with AI assistance.

Once you have analyzed your Insights, the next step is to convert these insights into action and content; please proceed to the Generator Workflow to continue optimizing your TSV Analytics experience.