Generator: Create Content

Objective: Harness the power of AI to generate customized content for your social media strategy.

Step 1: Select Content Type

  • Start by selecting the type of content you want to generate. The Generator can suggest ideas for various content forms.
Different Content Type Generator can suggest ideas for

Step 2: Customize Your Post

  • Choose from a range of options to tailor your social media post:
  • Platform: Select the social media platform for optimal format and reach.
  • Style: Decide on the visual and textual style of the post.
  • Tone: Choose the tone of voice to match your brand's messaging.
  • Image Customization: Specify if you require images and their attributes.
  • Goal: Clarify the primary goal of your content (e.g., engagement, awareness).
  • Target Audience: Define who you are aiming to reach.
  • Inspiration: Input any additional context to guide the Generator.
  • And many others depending on your content type selected.
Options available for customizing a social media post

Step 3: Leverage Social Listening

  • Use insights from the 'Trending Now' section to inform the content Generator about the latest topics in your dashboard conversation.
Select the Social Listening Topics based on what's trending in your dashboard conversation

Step 4: AI Image Types and Styles

  • Specify the kind of image you need, such as a photograph, illustration, or graphic.
  • Select the desired style for the image to set the right vibe.
Different AI image types available -- this indicates the kind of picture to generator

Different AI image styles available -- this impacts the vibe of the generated picture

BONUS: Image Generation Option

  • Toggle the option to include image generation with your content if needed.
  • Toggling images off will make your content suggestions appear quicker.
Toggle whether you want to generate an image for this content

Step 5: Define Your Content Goal

  • Input the specific goal for your content piece.
  • This selection will significantly influence the content suggestions you receive.
  • Click on the next section of the Generator form to continue crafting your content piece idea.
Type the goal of your content piece, this has the biggest impact on your content suggestion

Step 6: Provide Inspiration

  • In the Inspiration section, add any additional material that could assist the Generator, like website copy, previous ads, or video scripts.
  • This additional information will make the post ideas given back much more relevant for your brand.
Use the Inspiration section to include additional context, including website copy, ads, video scripts, or anything else

Step 7: Generate Content

  • Once all options are set, click "Generate Content" to receive content suggestions.
  • This will combine everything you just inputted to generate the optimized content piece for you.
Once all your options have been completed, hit "Generate Content" to get content suggestions

Step 8: Review Content Queue

  • The generated content suggestions will be added to your Content Queue.
  • Review the suggestions once they're generated.
For every content piece you generate, they will be added to the Content Queue

Once they have been generated, you'll receive your content suggestions below

Step 9: Manage Your Content

  • For each content piece, you have the option to "Save", "Edit", "Copy", create "More Like This", or "Schedule Post".
  • Saving puts the content in your "Content History"
  • Editing the posts updates the copy within the content suggestion.
  • Copying the post saves the content text to your clipboard.
  • Hitting the "AI" button generates another post similar to the one you are clicking on, giving you similar but slightly different recommendations.
  • Scheduling your post sends you to the TSV Content Hub!
With every post you can "Save", "Edit", "Copy", create "More Like This" or "Schedule Post"

Access your "Content History" to see past content generated within the platform

Step 10: Proceed to Content Hub

  • With these content suggestions, you're ready to start scheduling content for your social media profiles.
  • Head to the "Content Hub: Schedule Posts" workflow to start scheduling content.

Once you have the perfect social media post content, next step is to schedule your content! Head to the Content Hub Workflow to continue optimizing your TSV Analytics experience.