Settings: Customize Listen Lists

Objective: Tailor your Listen List to fine-tune the data and insights you receive.

Step 1: Go to Settings

  • In the TSV platform, navigate to the 'Settings' section, which is dedicated to managing your Listen List.
TSV Settings for the Banking conversation

Step 2: Review Current Listen List

  • View the keyterms and hashtags currently included in your Listen List.
  • Note the platforms associated with each Listen List item, as certain terms and hashtags are tracked on specific platforms. Hashtags can be listened for on Instagram, TikTok, and X. While keyterms can be listening for on Reddit, TikTok, and X.
You can see the platforms we can listen for each of these keyterms

Step 3: Modify Your Listen List

  • To update your Listen List, locate and complete the Keyterm Change Request Form within the Settings.
  • Specify the terms you wish to add or remove from your Listen List.
Use this form to update your keyterms by adding and remove Listen List items

Step 4: Submit Your Request

  • Submit the request through the platform. This action will initiate the process to update your Listen List according to your specified changes.
Submit Request to update your Listen List

Step 5: Confirmation and Implementation

  • Wait for confirmation that your Listen List has been updated. This may take some time as the system processes the changes.

With your Listen List updated, revisit the "Topic Selection" workflow to ensure that the topics generated align with your new keyterms. This will help you to capture the most relevant conversations for your dashboard.