Post Search: Find Content

Objective: Discover specific posts that are in my conversation of interest.

Step 1: Access Post Search

  • Navigate to the 'Post Search' section within the TSV platform to view previously generated reports or to initiate a new one.
Post Search section

Step 2: Decide What to Search For

  • Using each of the search options, craft the perfect query for what you're looking for.
  • You're able to leave each filter blank to not limit the results for that specific filter.
Filter by a start and end date

Select specific topics to filter by

Select an author, ordered by platforms, to see their posts

Turn platforms on or off to filter your post results

Based on your Listen List, select which keyterm to focus on

Turn sentiment categories on or off (from Very Positive to Very Negative)

Check out posts for a specific hashtag

Type any keyword, phrase, or hashtag in Loose Search to search for exactly that

Submit your search to get the results below

Step 3: Check Out Your Results

  • Once you've put in all your filters and submitted your search, your results should start to appear on the right.
  • Now you can see what content TSV collected that fits your search.
On the right of Post Search, you can see your Post Search Results

Here you can see a resulting Instagram post, you can click on any post to go to the content on the social media platform

Every time you search for posts, you'll get 20 and can then load 20 more by clicking this button

Step 4: Sort Post Results

  • For your resulting posts, you can adjust how they're sorted.
  • Now you can see what content TSV collected that fits your search.
  • You can sort by Publish Date, Adjusted Engagement, Sentiment, and Topic Fit.
Here you're able to select how you want to sort the resulting content

Step 5: Proceed to Insights

  • Now that you've got an idea of what type of content is performing well for this conversation, head to Insights to see trends you can hop on using the content inspiration in Post Search.
  • Head to the "Insights: Apply Data Trends" workflow to utilize your insights to create fire content.

To continue refining your social media content, proceed to the "Insights: Apply Data Trends" workflow. There, you can use your Post Search inspiration to create trending content for your audience.