Connect Social Accounts to TSV

Objective: Connect your brand's social media accounts to enable scheduling in Content Hub.

Step 1: Access Your Profile

  • Click on "Hello, [Your Name]!" in the navigation bar at the top of the TSV platform to go to your profile page.
Click on your name to open up your profile page

Step 2: Manage TSV Teams

  • On your profile page, review your TSV Teams.
  • If you have a TSV subscription, select "Add New Account Group" to create a new grouping for your social accounts.
TSV Profile Page
If adding accounts for the first time, click on this button to begin

Step 3: Manage Connections

  • For the team where you want to add new account groups, click on "Manage Connections".
  • This action will redirect you to a new tab specifically for account connections.
Click on "Manage Connections" to start connecting accounts

Step 4: Connect Your Accounts

  • Follow the prompts to link your social media accounts to TSV Analytics.
  • Authenticate each social media account as per the instructions provided on the screen.
  • Ensure you're connecting brand-associated accounts rather than personal ones to keep your data organized.
Use this page to connect your social accounts to the TSV platform

Step 5: Verify Account Linkage

  • After completing the steps for each platform, the interface should confirm that your accounts are 'Linked! Success!'.
  • You can now close the authentication tab by clicking the 'Close' button.
Example of TSV Analytics accounts connected

Step 6: Refresh Your Profile Page

  • Back on the TSV profile page, refresh the page to update the interface with your newly connected accounts.
  • You should now see the linked accounts within your team's section.
Those same TSV accounts in the TSV Profile Page for our team

Step 7: Return to Content Hub

  • With your accounts linked, navigate back to the Content Hub.
  • You're now ready to start scheduling content for the connected accounts.

Dive into the Content Hub to begin planning and publishing content across your connected social media platforms. This seamless account integration allows for efficient management of your social media strategy within TSV Analytics.