Reports: See What's Performing

Objective: Generate and analyze reports to measure the performance of your content and make data-driven decisions for your social media strategy.

To see all TSV Reports available head to our Reports page here: TSV Analytics Reports

Step 1: Access the Reports Section

  • Navigate to the 'Reports' section within the TSV platform to view previously generated reports or to initiate a new one.
TSV Reports section

Step 2: Initiate a New Report

  • Click on "New Report" to start the process of creating a new report.
  • A form will appear, prompting you to specify the details for the new report.
New report request form

Step 3: Define the Report Parameters

  • Set the Type of Report you wish to generate based on your needs.
  • Use the calendar options to select the Start/End Date for the posts you want to analyze, defining the time frame of your report.
Select the timeframe you want to analyze

Step 4: Select Platforms for Analysis

  • Toggle the platforms you want to include in your report. A dark blue color indicates inclusion, while white indicates exclusion.
Choose which platforms to include

Step 5: Generate the Report

  • Once all parameters are set, click "Create Report".
  • Stay on the TSV platform while the report is being generated in the background.
Once parameters have been fine-tuned, create your report
Your report will start generating

Step 6: Report Completion and Delivery

  • Upon completion, you will receive an email notification with the report's data.
  • The report will also become available within the TSV platform for future reference.
TSV Report via email

Step 7: Manage Generated Reports

  • Back in the 'Reports' section, you will have options to resend the email with the report or delete the report entirely from the team's records.
Resend yourself a prior report
Delete a report for your team

Step 8: Proceed to Settings

  • Now that you know what content is performing well and what's not, make sure you're following the right conversation for your brand.
  • Head to the "Settings: Customize Listen Lists" workflow to fine-tune your keyterms in the Listen List of your TSV Dashboard.

To continue refining your social media insights, proceed to the "Settings: Customize Listen Lists " workflow. There, you can tailor your Listen Lists to capture the most relevant data for your conversation analytics.