Start Guide for TSV Analytics

5 Steps to get started with TSV

Welcome to TSV Analytics! This guide will walk you through the steps to apply for a dashboard, gain access, and start navigating the TSV platform.

1. Request Your Dashboard

  • Begin by visiting the Dashboard Request Form at Dashboard Setup. All you need is a TSV account to apply.
  • Fill out the form to select your TSV plan and provide basic information like:
  • Dashboard Name: A unique name for your dashboard.
  • Dashboard Description: A brief description of your dashboard.
  • Dashboard Theme: The overall theme of the conversation you want to track.
  • Dashboard Keyterms: Keywords and hashtags for your TSV Listen List. This helps the platform collect relevant social media posts.

2. Data Collection Begins

  • Once you've submitted the request, we'll start gathering data for your dashboard.
  • After a few hours, you'll have initial insights into your chosen conversation.
  • Your new dashboard will be accessible on the TSV Home Page
  • Look out for a confirmation email indicating your dashboard is ready.

3. Explore Public Dashboards

  • If you're eager to explore, check out public dashboards on the TSV home page.
  • These dashboards cover general topics like Banking, Podcast Trends, or Dentistry, offering a glimpse into the capabilities of the TSV platform.

4. Access Your Custom Dashboard

  • Visit the TSV Home Page to access your customized dashboard.
  • Explore the data and insights that have been tailored to your interests and needs.

5. Learn More with TSV Workflows

  • To get the most out of TSV Analytics, visit our Workflows Page.
  • Here you'll find detailed information on utilizing various features and maximizing the benefits of the platform.
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