How Nimble Utilized TSV to Boost Engagement and Website Clicks

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How TSV helped Nimble increase clicks to their website by 31% and total engagement by 77% on Twitter

Nimble worked with TSV to increase clicks to their website by 31.1% and total engagement by 76.5% in only 3 months.

Our mission at TSV Analytics is to give you the tools and insight to improve your brand's social media content!

Social media has become an integral part of success in today’s business world. At TSV, we have built a social media tool that has evolved past any other social media tool available.

TSV not only monitors current trends but uses AI and machine learning to predict future viral trends!

We are excited to take you through a client case study and detail how Nimble, the CRM for the entire company, not just salespeople, used TSV’s tools to up their social media game. Nimble began using TSV during our beta test, and we are excited about how TSV has impacted their social media results.

Laying the groundwork to success — Our first steps with Nimble.

Our number one commitment is to take your social media management to the next level. At a basic level, TSV functions using Twitter keywords and trends relevant to your business. The TSV team will first work to fully understand your social media priorities. Then, utilizing the subject matter expertise you have of your business field, combined with our experience in data monitoring and forecasting, we will create an effective catalog of keywords tailored to your business. We firmly believe in laying the groundwork properly, so that you can make the most out of our analytics tools. That’s why we will assist you through the whole onboarding process to make sure TSV can help you become more effective from day one. TSV is highly flexible to your needs. If you find there are other areas of interest we may not have discovered from day one, we encourage you to update your keywords and trends to make sure you don’t miss out on a viral opportunity!

Let’s take a look at the next steps for Nimble utilizing TSV Analytics.

Nimble’s highest priorities were to increase engagement with Nimble content and clicks to the Nimble website from Twitter

We worked alongside Nimble to understand their current goals in the social media field. They found their highest priorities were to one, increase clicks to the Nimble website from Twitter, and two, to increase engagement with Nimble content on Twitter, including increasing the participation rate in their weekly webinars and demos.

After establishing Nimble’s priorities around social media, we began to find some keywords to help Nimble achieve them. Some of the keywords Nimble chose to track were as follows: Sales Intelligence, Martech, Customer Relationship Management, and CRM Software. These keywords were identified as potential viral topic areas that Nimble could capitalize on.

Utilizing TSV Analytics to reach your goals.

Setting your keyword catalog is a great start towards reaching your social media goals. But, at TSV Analytics we are committed to taking them to the finish line. TSV Analytics provides multiple core services that Nimble and other companies are using to become industry leaders in the social media sphere!

  1. Collecting and filtering tweets regarding your business
  2. Identifying viral topics for your social media interests
  3. Prioritizing upcoming viral topics using TSV’s novel virality forecasting technology
  4. Understanding public perception around key topics using sentiment analysis

To learn more about TSV Analytics and how it will take your social media strategy ahead of competitors, check out our explainer video below:

Let’s take a look at 5 different ways Nimble utilized TSV’s services to reach its goals.

  1. Nimble used TSV’s data collection and monitoring to determine which types of webinars and demos potential customers are most likely to sign up for based on social media virality.
  2. Nimble used TSV’s topic selection and filtering to find popular trends in their space that they were not previously aware of. This allowed them to expand their reach into new areas that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.
  3. Nimble used the Virality forecasting chart for social media scheduling. Using this, Nimble was able to determine which days will have the highest engagement from their target audience. This had an immediate impact on the number of potential clients they could reach daily.
  4. Nimble partners with many social media influencers to market its product. TSV Analytics was able to help filter applicable influencers that fit their parameters. Nimble’s social media team was able to identify potential influencers twice as fast as before implementing TSV.
  5. Nimble used TSV’s data collection ability to reduce time spent reading irrelevant tweets. TSV allowed them to easily sift through relevant tweets, and understand public sentiment regarding these tweets.

Nimble crushed its social media goals by incorporating TSV Analytics.

Nimble was able to effectively incorporate TSV technology into their social media strategy and the results back it up.

  1. Total engagement is up by 76.5%
  2. Total clicks are up by 31.1%
  3. Engagement rate by follower is up by 31.1%
  4. 1.25~ Hours of work saved weekly by filtering out irrelevant tweets
  5. Gained a better understanding of social media content prioritization

If your social media strategy needs a TSV boost, request a demo with our TSV team here, click here!

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