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TSV Analytics is a start-up company that stands for Topic, Sentiment, and Virality.

Our mission is to help companies stay responsible and aware of their public perception by providing tailored analytical dashboards that utilize our novel artificial intelligence and machine learning processes.

In order for TSV to assist a company, we help craft specially chosen keywords to use with our machine learning technology. These keywords help us identify social media posts, searches, and other data that have to do with the business, competitors, and relevant industries. This process also allows us to remove unnecessary data collected to give the most accurate, actionable, and data-driven insights! Our dashboards allow businesses to see how the public feels about them, their competitors, or their industry and capitalize on any viral trends before it’s too late!

Check out our website tsvanalytics.com and sign up for our beta test to get a custom dashboard for your business! Follow us on LinkedIn for even more updates.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in more information on how TSV can help you and your business.

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