Trending FinTech Influencers December 2023


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Trending Fintech Influencers to Watch in Social Media


In the swiftly evolving landscape of financial technology, the pulse of innovation is often captured by those who talk about it. As conversations around fintech flourish on social media, a new wave of influencers has begun to emerge. These individuals are not just commentators but are shaping the discourse and bringing fresh perspectives to the table. Our team has been meticulously tracking the fintech conversation across various platforms, and we're excited to present to you the trailblazers who are trending upwards.

These influencers are the potential stars of tomorrow – the voices that resonate with audiences and the personas that brands look for when seeking meaningful collaborations. By aligning with them today, you have the unique opportunity to engage with their growth and capitalize on their influence. Here's a look at the ones who are making waves and could be the ideal partners to amplify your presence in the fintech domain.

1. @the_crypto_fact (Instagram)

  • Engagement: 2.07k
  • Posts: 1
  • Trend: +207%
  • Profile:
  • About: A sage in the cryptosphere, @the_crypto_fact brings clarity to the volatile world of cryptocurrency with insightful analysis and timely updates, proving indispensable for both novices and experts alike.

2. @fundbox_grant_services_ (Instagram)

  • Engagement: 610
  • Posts: 1
  • Trend: +61%
  • Profile:
  • About: Specializing in the lifelines of the startup world—grants and funding—@fundbox_grant_services_ is the guiding hand for many budding ventures seeking financial support.

3. @motopayng (Instagram)

  • Engagement: 2.02k
  • Posts: 8
  • Trend: +40%
  • Profile:
  • About: @motopayng is cutting a clear path through the complexities of mobile payments, delivering content that's as informative as it is essential for understanding this evolving sector.

4. @pressat (Twitter)

  • Engagement: 255
  • Posts: 1
  • Trend: +25.5%
  • Profile:
  • About: @pressat stands as the press release authority on Twitter, where they offer a steady stream of the latest fintech announcements and developments that are shaping the industry.

5. @thejefflutz (Twitter)

  • Engagement: 85
  • Posts: 3
  • Trend: +25.1%
  • Profile:
  • About: With a personal touch, @thejefflutz brings his followers a blend of tech insights and life lessons, making the complex world of fintech relatable and accessible.

6. @forbesfilipino (Instagram)

  • Engagement: 209
  • Posts: 1
  • Trend: +20.9%
  • Profile:
  • About: From the lens of Forbes Filipino, this account sheds light on the financial landscape of the Philippines, offering a unique perspective on fintech's global impact.

7. @karo_startup_ (Instagram)

  • Engagement: 181
  • Posts: 1
  • Trend: +18.1%
  • Profile:
  • About: @karo_startup_ is quickly becoming a beacon for the startup community on Instagram. With a focus on innovative fintech startups, their content bridges the gap between emerging financial technologies and entrepreneurial success. Their page is a hub for inspiration and cutting-edge ideas that drive the fintech industry forward.

8. @finance.reddit (TikTok)

  • Engagement: 179
  • Posts: 1
  • Trend: +17.9%
  • Profile:
  • About: Bringing the Reddit finance community's wisdom to TikTok, @finance.reddit is a beacon for those seeking financial knowledge in a format that's both engaging and entertaining.

9. @eric_gugua (TikTok)

  • Engagement: 151
  • Posts: 1
  • Trend: +15.1%
  • Profile:
  • About: Eric Gugua takes to TikTok to break down financial barriers, offering advice and insights that empower his audience to take control of their financial future.

10. @newswayng (Twitter)

  • Engagement: 137
  • Posts: 1
  • Trend: +13.7%
  • Profile:
  • About: As a rapidly rising voice in the fintech space, @newswayng offers a fresh perspective on financial news, delivering timely updates with an emphasis on the Nigerian market. Their content is quickly becoming a staple for readers interested in the intersection of technology and finance in West Africa.


In the digital age, influencer marketing stands out as a powerhouse for brand growth, offering a unique avenue to not only amplify your message but also to gather insights into the content that resonates within the fintech space. The influencers featured in our table are more than just voices; they are beacons that guide both consumers and creators through the complexities of financial technology with relatable and engaging content.

For those ready to take their brand to new heights with influencer marketing, the time to act is now. And for those seeking inspiration on what type of content cuts through the noise in the fintech conversation, these influencers are your compass. They not only predict trends but also create them, giving you the blueprint for what captivates and educates in the fintech realm.

Interested in discovering influencers in a different industry or niche? Our team is on the lookout for up-and-coming stars across various sectors. If you're curious about who's leading the charge in an area that's relevant to you, reach out to us at TSV here.

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