What is Virality?


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What is Virality?

Virality is how much general public interest there is in a specific topic at any given point. High Virality impacts social media by causing topics/posts to increase in reach, engagement, and potential customers.

Virality is essentially how viral or popular something is; is it trending or not?

Trends are crucial for companies to increase engagement, capitalize on marketing opportunities for their brand, and stay relevant with not only their target audience but the public as a whole. Virality is all about what’s trending but more importantly, what’s about to trend. Virality is a relative scale, you can tell whether Virality is greater than the week before or if it’s beginning to decrease, or people are losing interest. By knowing how viral a topic will be in the future, social media prioritization is easily handled.

Using TSV Analytics you can know future Virality.

Virality is a KEY component of what TSV Analytics is all about, keeping you ahead of the curve on social media to meet your goals.

At TSV, Virality is something we track that you can easily access on your dashboard. On the TSV dashboard, a Virality forecast uses TSV technology which incorporates internet search data and Twitter data with specific keywords in order to see trends and potential trends. We help you prepare for trends before they happen with our automated forecasts, allowing you and your business to be ahead of the curve, whether it’s based on a brand, product, industry, competitor, or any business topic of interest.

TSV Virality is what helps your business’s ability to grow, increase social ROI, reach a larger audience, or capture a certain crowd. Our forecasts and custom dashboard will visualize Virality for you and your business. Allowing you to utilize your Virality in order to help you determine your next marketing move.

When analyzing Virality forecasts, identifying a Virality spike means there is increased interest surrounding this specific topic, hence increasing the Virality. Capitalizing on your Virality spikes simply means getting in on the trend while it’s still trendy!

By incorporating TSV Analytics’ Virality forecast into a social media strategy, knowing what content to prioritize based on viral potential is easy. Thus, capitalizing on viral content will increase the amount of people that see your post and become interested in your brand and products, leading to more clicks to your company’s website.

Want to know what’s going to be viral next for your business? Reach out to us at TSV Analytics here: https://www.tsvanalytics.com/demo/

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