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Predicting the AI Art Craze: How TSV Analytics Forecasted the Surge in AI-Generated Art Before It Went Mainstream


AI Art is a phenomenon that has broken new ground in both the tech and art sectors. As a blend of artificial intelligence and human creativity, this new form of art captured the imagination of tech and AI enthusiasts everywhere. With social media platforms flooded with AI-generated art, everyone seemed to be taken by surprise — except for TSV Analytics.

What happened?:

During a sales cycle with a data analytics enterprise in December of 2022 TSV was tasked with tracking trends in Data and AI.  TSV gave a presentation on the findings on December 2nd and what we found was extremely interesting.  The trending topics were around AI art and a company called Midjourney.  Looking back on it we discovered one of the most exciting trends in December 2022 and alerted a company months before its highest trend to date. Giving them insights into what type of AI content to focus on creating before the trend had already passed.

Trending topics in the overarching "AI" conversation

Trending hashtags in the ARTificial intelligence conversation

Retroactive Analysis:

AI Art Trend:

Why it matters:

In social media trends come and go very quickly.  Staying on top of the most popular trends is very difficult unless you’re scrolling 24/7.  With TSV you can identify the trends in your industry easily without scrolling.  This allows you to create relevant content and distribute at its peak.

Call to Action (CTA):

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