Using Analytics to Navigate Politics for Social Media Content Creation

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How this agency used TSV Topic Selection to generate content more efficiently while boosting website traffic by 100%+

TSV User: Honey Bee Social and their Fertility Counselor client

The Challenge: Identifying content topics for clients in niche spaces, such as fertility/reproductive health, is time-consuming and difficult when trying to identify trending topics

The Outcome: Curated content topics that are on-trend, the ability to remove social media noise, and confirming social media content decisions with data + analytics

Background: TSV Analytics + Honey Bee Social + Fertility Counselor

As a social media agency, the goal when bringing on a new client is to improve their social media content and metrics leading to overall better business performance. This is the same goal that Honey Bee Social and its Founder, Clementine Holman, had when starting to work with their Fertility Counseling client. This client connected with Honey Bee Social to develop a complete social media strategy that will lead to sustainable growth for the business through social media fertility thought leadership.

Honey Bee Social connected with TSV Analytics upon realizing how incredibly niche fertility and reproductive health discussions are on social media. When looking for conversations around the mental health effects, family-building journey, and treatments such as IVF and IUI, it becomes a challenge to manually find these conversations on social media and put them all together to know what content a fertility counselor should be posting on their social media.

Problem: Generating content for a new social media audience

When working with a client in a new space, it’s important to begin by understanding what that client’s audience cares about. This can be a challenge for any social media agency diving into a completely new space for the first time. Honey Bee Social ran into this exact challenge with their fertility client.

“Honey Bee Social needed to see a bigger scope of the fertility social media discussion to see if there were topics that seemed like they were starting to become on-trend or are there topics we aren’t aware of that we could dive into from the client’s angle.”

With a niche space, such as fertility mental health, on social media, there’s only so much you can see on an Instagram/TikTok feed because these platforms are focused on past engagement, not immediate new topics of interest. Additionally, the medical space on social media includes many counselors and coaches that don’t have a medical degree, and therefore don’t have to adhere to AMA guidelines and ethics. The challenge here is combining information from informative and educational content based on key client questions with the topics being discussed on social media to generate highly targeted and effective content.

On the other hand, any social media conversation has the potential for virality. This is exactly what happened for Honey Bee Social and their fertility client when the U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was made. Regardless of political affiliation, this event created a massive amount of social media discussion around reproductive health.

Solution: Trending topics tailored for a new audience

The first step when starting to understand a new social media space is to identify hashtags and key terms that shape the conversation. For Honey Bee Social, they identified:

  • #fertilitytreatment
  • fertility counseling
  • infertility coping strategies
  • Other fertility/infertility hashtags and key terms

Through social media listening, TSV analyzes social media posts that include hashtags and key terms in the provided list. When beginning to use TSV insights, the goal is to remove any irrelevant topics (conversations) of discussion through TSV’s Topic Selection. This Topic Selection allowed Honey Bee Social to see the different topics being discussed on social media when fertility is mentioned.

“Honey Bee Social was able to see the different conversations happening around fertility treatment using TSV Analytics’ topic selection feature. You can clearly see the political Roe v. Wade topics and then others about reproductive health. Then we can filter through to see what everyone is talking about in each of these topics.”
“We started looking at what was coming out on social media through TSV and our TikTok feeds and the sentiment involved, and decided it’s probably not a good idea to talk about the psychological space of trauma on social media.”

By understanding the different topics of conversation around fertility, Honey Bee Social and the fertility client were able to decide if they should even address Roe v. Wade, ultimately deciding not to join the conversation as it became so flooded. As a fertility counselor, the client wants to be a safe space and calm environment, if the client makes an opinionated statement, then that space would become much smaller.

Rather than addressing Roe v. Wade and politics, Honey Bee Social and the fertility client saw an opportunity to inform their target audience…

“A lot of people are talking about Roe v. Wade and are scared but no one is specifically speaking about what to do in specific situations. By identifying topics of reproductive health, such as freezing embryos, a lot of people were posting their concerns, but no one was specifically giving information about what you can do in different situations now that the status quo has been overturned.”

With the same example of freezing embryos, the client was able to share a resource that can be used to speak to an attorney and decide on the best next steps, especially if the embryos are stored in a different state. This social media strategy allowed the client to avoid the political discourse while providing resources for those dealing with the reality of the situation while receiving zero negative feedback towards the post or brand.

Results: Analytical content to drive social and business performance

By incorporating TSV Analytics into Honey Bee Social’s catalog of content marketing tools, the agency is able to use TSV to look at posts and trending topics to understand what everyone is talking about when it comes to fertility. By having this understanding, the client was able to identify opportunities for content that weren’t being addressed on social media.

Using TSV Analytics, Honey Bee Social improved its social media processes by:

  • Searching and filtering social media posts by date, topic, or platform → Allowing Honey Bee Social to see over the course of the past weeks, what topics are becoming on-trend and which hold an opportunity for the client to interject themselves
  • Identifying potential influencers → With the ability to quickly check out their profile and decide whether to follow them or connect
  • Optimizing post schedule → Social media platforms show huge time windows to post, but TSV lets you know by the day and hour when the target audience is active, rather than relying on the social platforms to collect enough data to optimize for your account
“We knew to post just before this hour, as that’s when most of our audience and followers are going to be discussing and posting about the client’s fertility topics.”

With this improved strategy, Honey Bee Social was able to do the following for their client:

  • Identified topics and questions to turn into content based on what the target audience wants and is already discussing
  • The client’s goal is to be a calm educator and they’re able to do that easily with the help of understanding what their target audience cares about with TSV insights
  • Created a campaign to redefine “parenthood success” by identifying and building on discussions and supportive messaging around family mental health when a family decides to end fertility treatment
  • Cut down content ideation time from 3+ hours to 1 hour for a month’s worth of content
  • Provided alternative content topics if something comes up and requires a content calendar pivot, “now we have ideas always prepared”
  • The client’s website traffic has grown to multiple hundred sessions from less than one hundred daily
“TSV made me confirm a lot of my suspicions and intuitions with data. You trust your gut a lot in social media, but TSV has helped me confirm my gut feeling that this content might be the sweet spot or something might be off about this particular topic”
“The TSV team is ready to work with you! Social changes all the time and is time-sensitive, the team has been there to help out at any step and they are there to learn and improve just as much as the TSV user is. The customer relationship is there, so much more than startups at the same stage as TSV.” — Clementine Holman, Founder of Honey Bee Social

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