Harnessing Social Listening Insights To Drive Organic Growth


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For social media managers, staying ahead of the curve is an essential part of your job. To make that task easier, you need to delve deep into social listening. It's not about drowning in a sea of hashtags and trending topics—a targeted approach can pull data-driven insights from the noise. Let us walk you through the process of using topics, sentiment, and virality analytics for robust social listening that drives organic growth.

Topic Selection: How to Filter Micro-Conversations

Start with topic selection—your first line of defense against information clutter. This is how you filter the relevant from the irrelevant, distinguishing genuine opportunities from false leads. First, identify the key themes relevant to your brand, industry, or competitors. These will be your guiding stars. Then, using TSV AI-powered tools you easily sift through the chatter and select micro-conversations for deeper analysis. 

TSV-generated "Topics" around the Banking Industry

Sentiment Analysis: Understanding Emotional Context

Sentiment analysis unlocks a new understanding of your audience. Using AI and ML technology, decode the emotions tied to your hashtags and keywords. This process involves three simple steps: (1) Identify your Listen List of keywords + hashtags, (2) Feed these terms into the TSV platform, and (3) Evaluate results to understand the emotional currents tied to these terms. This gives you the ability to react to public sentiment proactively. 

Hashtags + Keywords to Include and Avoid

Virality Forecasting: Preparing for Future Trends   

Virality must be anticipated, not just reacted to. First, use your TSV Analytics platform to identify which of your topics have upcoming virality; often the past is prologue when it comes to trends. Then, using AI prediction models, project these findings into the future to gauge potential virality. This allows time for strategic content planning around viral topics before they peak. 

Peak Virality Forecasts for the Banking Industry Conversation


By harnessing topic selection, sentiment analysis, and virality forecasting (the TSV process), you turn social listening into a powerful tool for organic growth. It gives you an insight-driven, proactive, and strategic approach to your social media management. So, it's time to start listening. The insights are there, waiting for you to uncover them. Keep your brand agile, responsive, and ever on the cutting edge of your industry. Sign up for a personalized TSV walkthrough here: https://tsvanalytics.com/demo

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