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Heading into this year and looking into the future, leaders are asking themselves how they can save money without losing output. Essentially, they’re asking “How do we do more with less?”.  For sales teams, this may mean reducing staff and increasing investment in intent data for a more targeted approach. For marketing teams, this might mean reducing the advertising budget. But how do we ensure we can maintain productivity with all these cuts?

How To Do More With Less

The answer lies within the data. Start by asking questions and researching your target audience. Which platforms are our customers active on, what are they talking about, and when? By answering these questions with data points, we are able to create an effective and replicable social media strategy.

But how can you be sure this will work? We’ve seen it with our customers! One of our customers reduced their spend on paid social media to $0. They adopted TSV to track what conversations their customers were having online and receive insights about their social media performance. Their user acquisition from social media has grown by almost 400%! They cut out almost 90% of their social media budget and increased their user acquisition.


Business efficiency is more important now than ever.  With over half the world’s population on social media, the amount of information and opportunity is endless and daunting. Using the right tools to navigate social media is crucial and can completely change your business. While it may be intimidating to take risks, TSV is here to help you navigate through the challenges and keep your business thriving. 

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