Case Study: Growth Stage B2B SaaS Startup

Case Study

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Boosting Social Media Engagement: TSV with a Growth-Stage B2B SaaS Start-up


Having raised their Series A fundraising round, this company knew it was time to grow their presence on social media to increase leads coming in.  They knew they wanted to focus on Twitter as that’s where many of their customers would be scrolling.  

The client had grown their sales team and had a successful outbound sales motion, but they needed to increase their inbound lead flow.  They had tried advertising on social media and investing in SEO optimization (We introduced the concept of SFO to them).  Unfortunately they still weren’t seeing the growth they wanted.  They decided to hire an entry level social media manager that was unfamiliar with the space and wanted to make sure they could get them up and running quickly.

Our Solution:

TSV partnered with this organization to develop an actionable social media strategy with the goal of boosting their lead generation.  It’s difficult to track if organic social media efforts are directly responsible for leads.  We were able to make an assumption that with increased engagement and click rate being the key indicators that changed, an increase in leads would be due to social media efforts.  Through social listening we would be able to help the new social media manager identify trends and efficiently run social media campaigns.


To truly gauge the power of TSV Analytics, we compared performance metrics over two 3-month periods: pre and post-implementation.  Utilizing TSV’s insights, the client’s new social media manager hit the ground running and the numbers showed the impact.


  • Total engagement is up by 76.5%
  • Total clicks are up by 31.1%
  • Engagement rate by follower is up by 31.1%
  • 1.25~ Hours of work saved weekly by filtering out irrelevant tweets
  • Gained a better understanding of social media content prioritization


Upon receiving TSV-provided data for crafting personalized content and enhancing post scheduling, the client experienced significant enhancements in their online presence. The client not only refined their posting approach and expanded their audience reach but also had the confidence to move forward quickly and efficiently with data-driven decisions.

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