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LinkedIn Success: Doing More With Less to Grow a Marketplace


In the dynamic era of 2023, marketplaces recognize the need to streamline their social media management process. For this case study, the primary platform of focus was LinkedIn.  The marketplace company wanted to understand their targeted audience's preferences, assess the effectiveness of their content strategy, and achieve their annual social media objectives. These objectives encompassed not only follower growth but active user growth through organic content. Their quest for an all-in-one tool led them to the doorstep of TSV Analytics.

Our Solution:

Understanding the company’s distinct requirements, TSV Analytics offered a comprehensive social listening tool tailored to cater to their needs. By leveraging TSV's capabilities, they could discern the topics resonating with their audience, evaluate the success of their content, and optimize their organic social strategy. Furthermore, our partnership extended beyond just providing a tool; it was about facilitating success through data-driven insights and actionable strategies.


The proof of any solution's effectiveness lies in the results. To illustrate the transformative power of TSV Analytics, we spotlight key performance metrics and achievements:

  • Budget Efficiency: The company was able to slash their LinkedIn ads budget by a whopping 90% in 2023. This strategic move translated into a substantial saving of over $20K in ad expenditure.
  • Organic Growth: Despite a significantly reduced ad spend, they witnessed an organic surge in their LinkedIn followers. From January to August 2023, they added over 4,500 new followers, all without the crutch of paid promotions.
  • Member Acquisition: Comparing year-on-year data, there was a remarkable uptick in members joining through organic social channels. While 2022 saw an average of 35 members per month, 2023 experienced more than a threefold increase, averaging 118 members monthly (from January to August). It's noteworthy that the lion's share of these new members came through LinkedIn, echoing the brand's primary objectives.

Client's Perspective:

The company’s Social Media Coordinator and primary TSV user, is a huge advocate for how TSV Analytics streamlines social media management, stating, "The TSV platform has been a total game changer! Our social team cherishes the weekly personalized data reports." Allowing them to easily understand what’s working vs. what’s not and how to adjust the content. They further add, "The partnership is the icing on the cake. The TSV team's unwavering support and openness to client feedback have made our collaboration truly delightful. I can't recommend them enough!"


TSV Analytics, with its innovative solutions and dedicated partnership, empowered this company to not only meet but exceed their LinkedIn objectives. With a combination of the right tools, actionable insights, and a committed team, they transformed their LinkedIn narrative in just a few months, achieving monumental growth and efficiency.

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Are you ready to redefine your social media success story? Discover the unparalleled capabilities of TSV Analytics and elevate your social media game. Dive deeper and engage with us here: If this success story resonates with you, do spread the word and inspire others to get started with a data-driven social media strategy.

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