Building a Brand Voice


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Building a Brand Voice: Consistency in Content and Sentiment


A brand voice is your company's tone and how they speak to the audience. It’s the way you come across to your customers and the style it has. In order to build your brand voice, you need to build out brand guidelines. Brand guidelines create your brand identity, including your color palette, brand voice, logos and secondary logos, brand messaging like your mission and tagline, and so much more. Laying out all the details and do’s and don’ts of your brand, will help you keep your brand voice consistent. While it may be a time-consuming process, it is entirely necessary to start your team out on the right foot. And it can boost loyalty to your brand, which is what everyone’s looking for. 

Building A Consistent Brand Voice

Let’s talk about brand voice. You’ll need to decide the tone your company wants, whether that’s playful, serious, educational, conversational, professional, etc. An example of a unique brand voice is DuoLingo. If you’ve never seen a DuoLingo TikTok, you’re missing out. DuoLingo’s brand voice is quirky, playful, and some may say- unhinged. But, they are consistent in how they portray themselves across all their socials. They follow what’s trending, post frequently, and always put their own twist on it. Because of this, they see consistent engagement on their posts and are known for their unique voice. DuoLingo wants to target anyone looking to learn a new language in a fun and convenient way. And their posts do just that! 

Now, how does a brand voice relate to sentiment? A consistent brand voice can show your customers that you’re well organized! Sentiment can also be how your company feels about your customers, which is portrayed through your brand voice. Continuing with our DuoLingo example, DuoLingo like we said, has a playful and fun brand voice. Why? They want to attract people looking for a fun way to learn. Their audience research has created their brand voice, and we think it’s a good method too.


Since we’re talking about sentiment, we need to talk about TSV! TSV gives you the analytics on what customers are saying about you (aka their sentiment) all in one place on a convenient and customized dashboard. And with TSV’s content generator, you can ensure your tone and personality come across exactly as you want it. Like everyone says, consistency is key! Check out TSV and our brand here.

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