The Anatomy of Viral Content: A Data-Driven Approach


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Remember the water-bottle flip, Black Beatles mannequin challenge, Ice Bucket challenge, or literally any other viral trend that took over social media?? No doubt you do! But what do these things have in common, other than just being a trend? 

What makes Viral Content?

First, these were all novel trends happening. No one had been doing them and posting them on social media before. That’s what gets people to click, and that creates virality. Next, these viral trends allow other people to recreate it in their own way, which is what makes it engaging. People love to follow trends!! (Trust me, I know I do) It’s just another way the trend itself spreads beyond the original video. 

Let’s dive more into creating viral content. It’s easier to go viral when following a trend, using a trending audio, or related hashtags. This also helps get the algorithm on your side. But when you don’t have a large audience, it can be really hard to be a trend-setter. So you may have to be chronically online to follow up-and-coming trends and audios to boost your videos reach and engagement. (Or you can use TSV, which tracks trends for you using data.) 

But the important thing to remember about using viral trends is staying true to your brand. You don’t have to participate in every trend on TikTok; but when you do, keep your brand voice in mind. Following trends and posting regularly can increase engagement with your brand as a whole, not just your social posts. To make sure you don’t miss a post, use TSV’s post scheduler! 


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, catching the viral wave at the right moment can be game-changing. Yet, you have to strike a balance between trends and authenticity. While virality can bring quick attention, genuine brand engagement is built on trust and consistency. So, whether you're trying to catch the next big wave or simply looking to enhance your brand's online presence, tools like TSV can be your social media copilot. For a closer look at how TSV can be your compass in the world of viral moments, click here!

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