Analyzing the Build-up to the 2023 NAB Show


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What's all the buzz about the 2023 NAB Show?

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show is one of the most significant events in the media and entertainment industry, attracting professionals from around the world (including TSV Analytics this year!!) to Las Vegas for a week of networking, education, and product demonstrations. With a history spanning nearly a century, the NAB Show has become an essential event for those in broadcasting, film, video, and audio production, and more recently, streaming and online content creation.

With social media being one of the most popular platform for people to discuss what's happening, it's no surprise the NAB Show has been a hot topic in the build-up to the show this weekend! So for this blog post, we analyzed the conversation around the NAB Show's top themes this year: Create, Capitalize, Connect, and Intelligent Content!

Intelligent Content

The first topic we'll analyze is the conversation around "Intelligent Content". This conversation includes the conversation around the use of AI and automation in production efficiency, using data/analytics to inform business strategy, and leveraging data specifically for the content production process... seems like they're almost describing TSV Analytics, so let's dive right in to see what the trends in this space on social media are!

AI Tools for Content Writing

First, looking at the trending topics, hashtags, and influencers around this conversation -- you can see the converation is almost entirely revolving around "AI content", content creators being more efficient, and more creative!

Trending Topics, Hashtags, and Influencers in the Intelligent Content social media discussion

Overall, the conversation around AI tools for content creation, such as ChatGPT and TSV Analytics, is trending upwards in Virality -- meaning we expert there to be more general public interest over the next few weeks than we've seen over previous weeks.

However, not everyone has the same opinion on AI content writing:

Sentiment analysis of AI content keyword/hashtags

The conversation around AI content seems to be primarily positive, however, there is definitely a negative discussion happening around this AI revolution and how it will change content creation. Overall, there is a decent amount of conversation around Intelligent Content and it seems like the NAB Show is excited to see how the production/broadcasting space can begin to incorporate this technology to improve efficiency and outcomes!

AI Content for UGC Content Ideas

Another topic that appeared in the data revolved around UGC (user-generated content) and how it is being revolutionized with AI content ideas.

UGC AI content creator topics

With the AI content inspiration revolution, UGC creation is being completely disrupted. Rather than a copywriter/designer needing to put together scripts and video ideas for tons of creators/influencers, brands can now use AI content ideas to provide their creators/influencers with inspiration tailored for their brand and audience in seconds.


For the Create conversation, based around fan engagement, decentralized broadcasting, remote production, and hybrid studios -- we identified a ton of irrelevant conversation entering.

Create topics (only 2, 3, and 4 are relevant)

However, with TSV Analytics we're able to remove all of these irrelevant topics of conversation and just focus on the topics we care about. The remaining topics revolve primarily around fan engagement and blockchain/crypto decentralization. However, looking at the sentiment across these keyterms, the Create conversation may be one to avoid with a lot of negative crypto/NFT/blockchain discussion.

Sentiment analysis for Create conversation keyterms/hashtags

This would be a great spot to create content to see what broadcasters/producers think will be the best ways to include blockchain/crpyto/NFTs when engaging with fans in the future!

Let's make a Tweet trying to start this discussion using the insights we found from this conversation:

Three Tweet ideas using the insights from the #crypto fan engagement topic while tailoring the post for what we want to discuss (I'd go with #3 personally!)

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