3 Steps to Finding Trending Hashtags in 2023


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3 Quick Steps to Finding Trending Hashtags in 2023


Ever wonder how to stay ahead of the curve in the trendiest world of social media marketing? Become the star of your niche market using TSV Analytics to identify trending hashtags. This guide will arm you with knowledge and insights to systematically tap into TSV's ML-powered 'social listening.' Now, it's your time to save valuable hours and confidently steer your brand's voice in the right direction.

Step 1:

Identify the conversation you want to follow using keywords and hashtags.

Say you're a financial services institution and you want to see what people are saying about banking and finance. Here's what your Listen List might look like:

These six keywords and hashtags help hone in on a certain audience conversation.

With a basis for the conversation, we can now start to dive into the analytics behind it.

Step 2:

By now, we've started to listen to this conversation. With that data, TSV now creates topics of conversation, which you can see below.

The top ten topics discussed when mentioning banking and finance.

This lets us easily filter out topics that aren't relevant to the banking and finance we're talking about.

For example, Topic 1 is talking about "the West and Israel" because the "West Bank" has been mentioned a lot more recently with the ongoing conflict.

Additionally, we can remove the crypto conversations, Indian competitive exam discussions, and customer service communication complaints.

Now, we've filtered our topics down to only what we care about.

Step 3:

Use TSV Analytics to see trending hashtags! Based on the relevant topics selected, you can now see what hashtags are trending in this conversation.

Top ten trending hashtags in banking and finance this week.

If you're posting content around banking and finance and want to jump on a trend before it's too late. Now's the time to listen to your audience and keep up with their speed of conversation.


TSV Analytics is much more than a social media management tool; it's your strategic copilot, your data-driven confidant! Use the power of TSV to take control of your digital marketing narrative. No more wasting time on posts that don’t connect with your audience. Bring the magic of TSV Analytics to your marketing strategy and watch your brand’s reach and engagement soar.

Are you ready to find your trending hashtags? Connect with us at TSV and we can give you your trending hashtags starting this week: https://tsvanalytics.com/demo

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