The First prescriptive Analytics growth tool designed to build brands on social media

"TSV Analytics saves us time by letting us know when to post so we can have the biggest reach."

"With the help of TSV Analytics we are able to interact with Instagram posts that are relevant to our audience and in return gain more followers."
- Roxy Garrity, Founder, The Raleigh-Durham Girl

Running successful social media brand accounts comes with a lot of challenges... but TSV has solutions!

Stop wasting time reading through irrelevant posts.

Track conversations surrounding your brand, industry, and competitors while removing irrelevant data for your brand.
Taking social media data from platforms and deciding whether the content is on or off topic

Become a thought-leader within your target audience.

Know which topics resonate the most with your target audience to always stay on top of the conversation.
Examples of trending topics around social media

Take the guesswork out of planning a content schedule.

Know in advance when to post on each platform for maximum engagement.
When to post on each social media platform

Power your social media strategy with prescriptive analytics.

TSV Analytics uses multiple AI and ML techniques to bring cutting-edge and innovative insights and analytics to social media management.
Examples of TSV on and off topics

Identify topics relevant to you or your company, while removing the clutter.

Easily understand the micro-conversations happening around your brand, industry, or competitors with the ability to remove what is irrelevant for you.

Example posts of positive, neutral, and negative sentiment

Understand patterns in emotions surrounding hashtags and keywords

Identify positive, neutral, and negative posts, allowing you to easily see the emotions behind different topics on social media.

TSV virality forecast showing high and low virality timeframes

Prepare for trends before they happen.

Plan for the future by knowing what topics will have the most interest from your audience in the coming weeks.

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